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About County Court SNAP

Located in Brampton’s south end, the County Court neighbourhood is home to about 5800 people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The boundary is north of Hwy 407, east of Hurontario St, west of Kennedy Rd south of the Etobicoke Creek, It includes many homes, large parks, two golf courses, businesses, service retailers and a Provincial County Court house. A beautiful trail extends along the Etobicoke Creek valley near the Peel Village Golf Course and Brampton Golf Club.

Something very exciting is happening in this neighbourhood! TRCA, in partnership with City of Brampton and Region of Peel are currently working with local residents and businesses on developing the County Court SNAP (Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan) to prepare the neighbourhood for climate change and transform is to become more environmentally friendly.

The County Court SNAP is a comprehensive environmental improvement plan that integrates local community interests and ideas for neighbourhood transformation. Strategic projects include:

    • Renewal of County Court Park to better suit local recreation needs and integrate environmental education features and community gathering space;
    • Retrofit of the Upper Nine SWM Pond to address water quality and volume objectives and serve as a community amenity and natural area destination;
    • Projects for greener streetscapes including bioretention within boulevards to provide stormwater filtration and other benefits, as well as establishment of a healthy urban forest;
    • Rainwater storage system for irrigation of nearby golf clubs;
    • Habitat restoration along the Creek valley and in the golf courses;
    • A template for green parking lot design at the Court House, and
    • Active promotion of green home renovation and landscapes to address residential energy and water conservation.


  • The Green Home Makeover demonstration project has shown green transformation and significant energy and water savings.

The makeover demonstration at 71 Turtlecreek Blvd. has supported the market for innovative technology, nurtured local champions, identified and resolved barriers to green renovation, and opened the door to private sector involvement in neighbourhood wide program delivery.  To see highlights of the outcomes from the monitoring that took place from 2012-2014 click here.  To see the full STEP (Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program) monitoring report, go here.

  • Increasing community resilience by supporting and strengthening local networks.

In the absence of a social network in this suburban community, priority has been put on nurturing local champions and building capacity. A neighbourhood action team has been created, along with regular coffee night gatherings for interested residents who come out to discuss local interests.

  • Green Infrastructure: leading by example and measuring outcomes.

The City has installed its first bio-filter swale along County Court Boulevard as part of planned road resurfacing. The integrated project was able to access new funding and draw on existing budgets, demonstrating a strategic financing model and interdepartmental coordination. The City is leading by example and working with TRCA’s Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) to measure outcomes.

  • Stormwater irrigation facility provides option with multiple benefits.

By bringing landowners together, SNAP identified a multi-objective solution, presenting cost effective options to address golf course irrigation needs and untreated stormwater.

Do you live or work in this neighbourhood?

Get Involved!

We want to get local residents and businesses involved in developing the County Court SNAP. We will be holding community meetings and events, tree and shrub plantings in the park, and educational workshop to save money for your home. Come out and meet your neighbours!

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